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COMMISSIONS! (currently closed)

Commissions (closed for now)PRICES:
$12/ 10€
:heart: Portrait ---

$20/ 15€
:heart: Colored sketch ---

+ $15/ 12€ for additional character
+$5/4€ for simple background
+$5/4€ for additional details (pets, objects, etc.)
:heart: I accept PayPal. You need to add a PayPal fee to each price, and the easiest way to do so is to send the money as a gift.
Other information:
:heart: Once you make the decision to commission me, send me a note with the character info and your e-mail address.
:heart: I can work with written references as well as the graphic ones, but if you only have written info, it's importaint to make it as specific and detailed as possible.
:heart: Eccept of the examples listed above, I'm totally fine with drawing children, elders, animals, and

slot.1. Space-Moose /colored sketch/2 characters
/paid/ :star::star::star::star::star:
slot.2. GrumpySkunk /colored sketch/2 characters
slot.3. Izziebiz /colored sketch/1 character
/paid/ :star::star::star::star::star:
slot.4. Reaynna /colored sketch/2 characters
/paid/ :star::star::star::star::star:
slot.5. GypsyCorset /colored sketch/1 character
slot.6. GypsyCorset /portrait/4 characters
slot.7. Baweyboots /colored sketch/1 character
/paid/ :star::star::star::star::star:
slot.8. Weird0Freak /portrait/1 character
slot.9. KrypticRaven /portrait/1 character
slot.10. loverbuckets /colored sketch/2 characters
slot.11. Zela691 /colored sketch/1 character
/paid/ :star::star::star::star::star:
slot.12. Negativisms /portrait/1 character
slot.13. decoy /colored sketch/1 character
slot.14. annathestargirl /portrait/3 characters
/colored sketch/2 characters
slot.15. Fi-Di /colored sketch/2 characters
slot.16. Tifeh /colored sketch/1 character
slot.17. Grinimal /colored sketch/2 characters
slot.18. ivoryempire /colored sketch/2 characters
slot.19. Beloved-Rain /colored sketch/1 character
slot.20. loverbuckets /colored sketch/2 characters


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Hi guys

I really hoped to be more active here, like I wanted to scan all my sketches and submit the shit out of my works that are kinda just laying there doing nothing. There's been a lot of work, commissions, and new responsibilities. And yeah, while we're at it - mostly I wanted to brag about my new awesome dog that me and my husband adopted from the shelter. So meet Tina (not the name I'd choose, but hey, there's Tina Fey and Tina Belcher so I guess it's an ok name)

Untitled by cut-box

C814a6ce67302bc41204608e2266d586 by cut-box

Untitled by cut-box

She's with us for over a month, and we already fell REAL hard. Like, this is literally the furthest my little dumb heart can go, emotionally. I never had a shelter dog before and you get how they're thankful and such, but I really didn't expect to love a dog this much, this fast. But you know how shelter dogs also are - you don't really know much about them. Where they've been and such. Tina's got an ill belly - and that's the most we can say at the moment. There's been a lot of vet visits, injections, drips, sleepless nights... and the loads of silent patience only dogs have. We're still not 100% sure what's wrong with Tina exactly, but we should know within this week - and I do hope it's mild and treatable and will go away completely. Because Tina, normally, is full of life and I'd love to take her for a run again. Most of all, I'd like her to be healthy.

Now about the recent commissions; Dear Commissioners. All of you, who for some reason like my art and decided it's a good idea to pay me for it. I can't express how GREATLY you've contributed to Tina's medical treatment. I'm not gonna lie, if it wasn't for you, we'd be pretty much fucked, financially. So thank you all for commissioning me, my husband thanks you, and Tina thanks you. I can't take any more commissions at the moment, but chances are I'm gonna have to anyway, so keep your heads up.

And please, keep you fingers crossed for Tina <3



Meet my made-up people.







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