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Got this from Smoludozerka

• For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. [I will go to your gallery and pick one character. If you have an OC folder or other useful links, please link it as it will help].

THIS PART IS OPTIONAL, but it would be nice if you did it ----> If you comment, please do the same in your journal, adding one of my OCs to the list. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

Bullet; Blue Smoludozerka 's Diamon

a Diamon is never a bad idea by Smoludozerka No peeking by Smoludozerka oh hello by Smoludozerka

Diamon is a main character of Smo's Demonade. He's got a cool design - blue hair and a nice nose are always appreciated <3. But the main reason I chose to feature him, from all Smo's characters (and there's a lot of them), is that I can really indentify with him. A demon with misery powers? That's my guy! I also love the fact that he's not persistently absorbing like some main characters are, he doesn't "steal the show" for himself - quite opposite actually. He's a little introvertive, but definitely fun to be around, loves nature and gets along with animals - what's not to like? :)

Bullet; Blue Nibilondiel 's Barbie "Bonnie" J.

Arizona 1890s by Nibilondiel

I love blondes with attitude :3 Bonnie also has a great sense of fashion and the cutest smile which shows her even cuter diastema. Oh and look at that chin! But the best part is that despite her feminine and delicate physis, she can still be an outlaw baddas ;)

Bullet; Blue flare-goes-OM 's Corventina
Corventina {goddess of water} ref 2014 by flare-goes-OM

Well what can I say, cute things melt my heart xD Corventina is an original mixture of species, which shows in a very nice design - not too flashy, but simple and neat. I think that's the strenght of this character. Also, she looks smashing in that koi sweather :heart:

Bullet; Blue Martina-G 's Carrie

.Beyond my wildest dreams. by Martina-G .Lonely. by Martina-G.It's just the beasts under your bed . by Martina-G

I simply had to choose Carrie. Martina-G always puts so much emotion in Carrie's art, it's impossible to ignore her as a character. I like her for being troubled and unstable. Considering her powers, it makes her dangerous to others, and to herself. Then there's her hair - I love how she changes styles/ colors all the time :)

Bullet; Blue Spacegryphon 's Tetris

Matrix Child by Spacegryphon Tetris by Spacegryphon

Tetris is a Russian Technomancer, which alone makes her awesome. I'm always impressed by people who know how to deal with technology ^^'. Her design is really nicely thought and super cool. I don't think I even need to mention that her boots are to kill for...

Bullet; Blue Tery-chan ‘s Hauru

Hauru test by Tery-chanRun Hauru, RUUUUN by Tery-chan

Hauru is a protagonist of Tery-chan 's comic Asternight. She finds herself in a strange and pretty dangerous situation, but she seems to be the kind of person who's capable of overcoming her fear. So yeah, that's what I like about her. That plus tomboy-ish looks and her awesome hairdo :)

Bullet; Blue KrypticRaven ‘s Bryg

Moves like McJagger by KrypticRaven The Clothes of Bryg by KrypticRaven

I’m really happy I can feature Bryg here. I’ve beed drawing herself, her Viking of a husband and her kids, so we’ve got some history ;) She's full of positive energy and she's also an awesome baker - I know I'd love to have her around :heart:

Bullet; Blue catiniata ‘s Gale

Smoking the night away by catiniata Good Mood by catiniata

I like Gale for being quite a colorful individual :3 She's got those girly looks but shows a lot of personality too. I also like the fact that she's never been seen without a cigarette ;> Don't approve smoking in real life, but love OCs that smoke lol.

Jeyerre ‘s Xander
Character sheet: Xander by Jeyerre Pockets full of stones by DcAevee
Handsome, smart, brave and mysterious. A real Prince Charming  Also seems like a good leader. And look, he likes kitties! ^w^

Tsukisia ‘s Hazel
Hazel by Tsukisia Hazel - sketch by Tsukisia
I really like her colors – purple hair and blue eyes are a very nice combination. She’s got pretty face, cool piercings and tattoos and all that together makes her really cute *u*

youngsherlockholmes ‘s Sergei
End-Run OCT App: Sergei Ruchkin by youngsherlockholmes Sergei Expressions Colour by youngsherlockholmes
A guy I’d like to party with ;) Devoted to tradition, respectful of nature and history – a pretty rare gem, if you ask me. He tries to live up to the legends of the brave and noble knights, and even though the world changes around him, he doesn’t. Also, he’s a handsome manly man!
AnimeDumbass ‘s Shogu
Shogu - Painting Practice by AnimeDumbass ACD - Signore Acciaio by AnimeDumbass
Another character I can relate to xD A moody pessimist that holds grudges. His paranoia also makes him very interesting as a character, switching personalities and all. Smokes and has a sexy scar <3

Zhimonster ‘s Vensyn
Commission_ OC Vensyn by TwistedAstiees Vensyn by AlliMonae
Fearless warrior and an excellent swordsman with long fair hair *u* Yup, I really like that sort of combination. But I also like Vensyn for his flaws, which make him so human.

Kirinoru ‘s Gabriel
Surrounded by light by Kirinoru Is it me you looking for? by Kirinoru
Dark, evil individual. I think Kirinoru  does really great at depicting his insanity and cruelty – that’s what makes him a super-intriguing and complex character. I don’t think I’d like to meet him though ^^’

DcAevee ‘s Luna
Marshmallow by DcAevee Character sheet: Luna' by Jeyerre
Luna, like Xander, is a character from DcAevee and Jeyerre ‘s story TheTwinsProject . She’s beautiful, kind and sweet with a tendency to be naïve. And she’s got super powers! I think she’s a really nice character and I’d like to know her story :3
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I have a feeling like I've seen your art or your comments or your name somewhere but I can't place you at all. Oh well. Nice art, well worth a watch, so that's what I'll do! :)
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